25 October 2014

Countdown Christmas

Hello blogcreatures,

Are you in the mood for Christmas ? Not yet? Oh well , maybe you get some time to create along with Whiff of Joy a countdown Christmas project.  This is the very first time I create a countdown project. Not going to lie. It took me a while to plan the project below. The best way to do it and re-use it next year.

My project is a bit special. No treats, but challenges. During december I will have to check out my little notes attached to my days and follow the message. I think this is really a good idea. Do you like it?

http://www.whiffofjoy.ch/product_info.php?info=p354_snowflakes-trio.htmlhttp://www.whiffofjoy.ch/product_info.php?info=p1667_box-of-charms-15---keys.html  http://www.whiffofjoy.ch/product_info.php?info=p583_crystals---clear-iridescent-100-pcs-.html http://www.whiffofjoy.ch/product_info.php?info=p1206_banner-border.html

Late autumn painting

Hello blogcreatures,

I am not a big fan of landscape paintings. I really like portraits and abstract art  more. However, because this is a super special request for a special person, I thought this will be the best time to make a mini landscape painting.
 I really like working on a small piece of paper : 5x7 inches. Really great size for any artwork. I used watercolour paper, a mini watercolour palette, fine brushes and white gel pen. This painting made my sunday nicer. I really don't like sundays! Really boring days. Maybe because in my country sunday is meant to rest and CHILLLLLLL ( as I like to say) !

19 October 2014

Fabric lunch bag

Happy Sunday blogcreatures,

As child ,I don't even remember having a special lunch box. Always a simple clear bag. But those times are gone. Because now, I can make my own lunch bag. This is not just a simple lunch bag. This is a beautiful fabric bag.

With the help of my crafty tools, I can create pretty much anything I want. Sizzix has beautiful dies to work with. Just check out this cute fox face below.

Really cute! I can not wait to create something again , using the cute little fox face.  So keep an eye on my blog!

Medium_657900   Medium_659910


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