29 March 2014


Morning blogcreatures,

NOTE: Keep an eye on the new  May Craft Stamper issue. I had the honor to design a stamp that comes with the magazine , plus some crafty articles from me and more talented ladies. Thanks!

Today's my turn to create something for Whiff of Joy blog. The theme for my project is called: Easter Basket. I really had to think about it, since I don't make many easter creations. I really got inspired to create the basket below, from this link.

Because there is no Easter without eggs, I came up with this trick for Pisces - Special Edition! rubber stamp. The original design has a fish bowl, but I made that into an egg.  Check below how I did that.

The little key charm is from Box of Charms 15 - Keys from  Whiff of Joy. Really had a good time making this basket! Check out Whiff of Joy blog for more inspiration. Have a great weekend!


  1. You are quite the magician to transform a fishbowl into an egg, Maria! Brilliantly done! Love the basket--and those scissors!! Congrats on being featured in the upcoming Craft Stamper! Hugs!



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